Communication Tips for Hearing Loss

Good Communication Tips for Hearing Loss

So often, I speak with parents who have a child with hearing loss or loved ones helping their aging mother learn to hear at her best with hearing aids. But today, I'd like to have a different conversation with you as a person with hearing…

2021 Update on OTC Hearing Aids

In my 2020 Future of Hearing, I shared with you how my profession may be changing in the coming years here in Memphis and all over the country. The OTC Hearing Aid Act went into effect around four years ago. It began paving…
Will retail employees start to use clear face masks?

Will Clear Masks Become a “Thing” in Our Favorite Stores?

Muffle. Muffle. Muffle. We've all noticed a difference when we try to listen to someone through a mask. But for people with hearing loss, this is especially challenging. Whether they have hearing loss or not, most people combine what they see…
why musicians love custom in-ear monitors

Why Musicians Love Custom In-Ear-Monitors – and So Do Their Audiologists

Musicians, you've been through a lot over the past year -- canceled performances, shrinking audiences, and smaller gig fees as venues struggle to pay their bills while generating less revenue. As Memphis' diverse live music scene continues…
best hearing aid for kids

How to Know What Is the Best Hearing Aid for Kids

Almost every parent wants to do the best thing for their child. But finding the best hearing aid for kids can seem confusing, and it's hard to know where to start. Plus, a lot of brands try to make theirs sound like the best option.…
putting together hearing loss comorbidities

7 Comorbidities Linked to Hearing Loss

As humans, we're always making connections between things that happen in our life. But sometimes, I've personally realized I don't always see a connection between seemingly different things. So it's great when science can step in, do the studies,…
Flower and Bee_Spring Allergies and Hearing

Spring Allergies and Your Hearing

In Memphis, we get to enjoy early springs and long summers compared to our northern neighbors. But with all the flowers in bloom, springtime can be really rough for people with spring allergies. I've had people come into my office who moved…
Ear Fullness on Airplane_Airplane Descending

What Actually Happens to Our Ears on Airplanes (Explaining Fullness of the Ears)

Most of us have been there. Whether you were on an airplane, taking a ski lift up to your favorite range, or diving to the bottom of a pool, any time our body moves quickly to a higher or lower place, you feel this fullness in your ears.…
Soldier_Military Hearing Test

Inside the Annual Military Hearing Test

From jet engines and helicopters to firearms and bomb tests, our men and women in the service find themselves exposed to loud noises regularly at work that most of us don't encounter. These kinds of thunderous noises are…
Are Hearing and COVID-19 Related

Your Hearing and COVID-19: Another Unusual Symptom

Since near the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, we've heard about loss of smell and taste, as well as other COVID symptoms. We've seen the stories where even months after a mild case, these senses haven't returned. But what about your hearing…