Choosing the Right Hearing Aids for Children When They Need Them

One of our friends at the clinic related a hearing loss anecdote. Their cousins were worried about getting hearing aids for Tyler, their six-year-old son. It was their first time to shop for hearing aids and they didn't have a clue. This…

How Do I Know If My Child May Need a Hearing Aid?

What Do I Do if I Think My Child Has Hearing Loss? If you suspect that your child may have hearing loss, it is important to take action to address the issue. Hearing loss can have a significant impact on their development and ability to…
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What Type Of Hearing Aid Is Best For Children?

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For those that have children who need a hearing-aid, it can be difficult to decide which type is best. There are three common types of hearing-aids: behind the ear (BTE), in the ear (ITE), and in the canal (ITC). All have their own unique set…
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How to Know What Is the Best Hearing Aid for Kids

Almost every parent wants to do the best thing for their child. But finding the best hearing aid for kids can seem confusing, and it's hard to know where to start. Plus, a lot of brands try to make theirs sound like the best option.…

6 Communication Methods for Children with Hearing Loss

When Ricardo and Lena first brought baby Ricky to see me, they knew, as parents often do, that something wasn't right. They had noticed signs of infant hearing loss like: Limited smiling or interaction with others when spoken toNot…

How Loved Ones Can Help Youth Facing Hearing Loss

Madison's family first started noticing behavioral changes right around her 14th birthday. Always a high achiever, she had recently begun to struggle in school. She acted like it was unimportant when asked and got frustrated if her mother pushed…
Baby Getting Hearing Test

Choosing a Trustworthy Audiologist for Your Child

New mom, Kayla, knew something was wrong during a mid-April playdate. Her best friend's child, Liza, a week younger than her Sophia began singing "Baby Shark". The little girl just couldn't get enough of it. Sarah sang and laughed. But Kayla's…
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Top Hearing Loss Causes That Are Preventable

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Not all hearing loss is preventable, and most types of hearing loss cannot be completely reversed. However, this article talks about hearing loss causes that can absolutely be prevented. In this article, we specifically discuss noise-related…
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Helping Your Child Adjust to a Hearing Aid

It can be hard for a child to adjust to hearing aids, but loving and attentive parents can be a great resource. Some children can easily acclimate but the process is not so easy for all children. There are many ways that you, as a parent, can…
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Introducing Your Child to New Hearing Aids

Getting your child’s first set of new hearing aids is an exciting moment, an important milestone in your child’s journey to sound. It will be a very exciting time for your entire family, but it is also normal that you should have questions…