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Signs of Hearing Loss Teachers and Parents Should Be Aware Of

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Signs of hearing loss vary from child to child, and sometimes parents and teachers can rely only on their instincts. If you ever suspect that a child has hearing loss, take him or her to get a hearing screening as soon as possible. However,…
Hearing Aid Maintenance & Care Tips

Hearing Aid Maintenance & Care Tips

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Have you recently been fitted for a hearing aid by your audiologist or hearing instrument specialist? Wonderful! You’re taking important steps to improve upon your hearing situation and return to your previous lifestyle. This new journey will…

Part 2: Common Questions Parents Ask About Childhood Hearing Loss

Thank you for joining us in part two of our “Common Questions Parents Ask About Childhood Hearing Loss” blog series. We at Professional Audiological Services sincerely hope this series shows parents of children with hearing loss they are…
Childhood Hearing Loss

Part 1: Common Questions Parents Ask About Childhood Hearing Loss

Normally parents do not think about their child being affected by hearing loss until they are diagnosed. As a parent, we understand you want to learn everything you can about your child’s condition. Luckily the internet contains several valuable…
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Choosing the Right Hearing Aid: Is Yours Right for You?

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It can be hard choosing the right hearing aid. How can you be sure that the one you pick is truly the right one for you? For many, choosing the right hearing aid is a rather complex process, because there are many important things to consider.…
Love Your Hearing Aids

Maintaining Your Child’s Hearing Aid

If your child has recently been diagnosed with hearing loss, a hearing aid could be exactly what your child needs to help him or her hear more easily. After all, hearing does play a vital role in your child’s overall development. Knowing…