History of Audiology

History of Audiology

I don't know about you, but I love finding out where things come from and how they originated -- from an interesting word to the term "audiology". In this article, I'll share a brief history of this profession, how it got started, and how it's…
The Link Between Blood Pressure and Hearing

What You Need to Know About Blood Pressure and Your Hearing

Chances are, the last time you saw your doctor, they checked your blood pressure. And the time before and before. You'll find a blood pressure machine in many grocery stores and pharmacies. There's a reason health providers are so focused…
Will retail employees start to use clear face masks?

Will Clear Masks Become a “Thing” in Our Favorite Stores?

Muffle. Muffle. Muffle. We've all noticed a difference when we try to listen to someone through a mask. But for people with hearing loss, this is especially challenging. Whether they have hearing loss or not, most people combine what they see…
putting together hearing loss comorbidities

7 Comorbidities Linked to Hearing Loss

As humans, we're always making connections between things that happen in our life. But sometimes, I've personally realized I don't always see a connection between seemingly different things. So it's great when science can step in, do the studies,…
Flower and Bee_Spring Allergies and Hearing

Spring Allergies and Your Hearing

In Memphis, we get to enjoy early springs and long summers compared to our northern neighbors. But with all the flowers in bloom, springtime can be really rough for people with spring allergies. I've had people come into my office who moved…
Are Hearing and COVID-19 Related

Your Hearing and COVID-19: Another Unusual Symptom

Since near the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, we've heard about loss of smell and taste, as well as other COVID symptoms. We've seen the stories where even months after a mild case, these senses haven't returned. But what about your hearing…

COVID-19 and Hearing Loss: New Challenges for Many

Most of us are getting used to wearing masks in public and when with others outside of our household to slow the spread of COVID-19. But, we still face challenges – fogging glasses, less breathability, forgetting what the local grocery store…

What Does Your Medicine Cabinet Have to Do with Your Hearing?

When 45-year-old Jonathon first came to see me, he had just reached his two-year anniversary cancer-free. He and his family had been through so much during the chemo, so I definitely realized why getting his hearing checked had been…

Are You Cooking Up a Recipe for Hearing Loss?

Summertime is the time for good food and time with family. From those big family cookouts to big Sunday dinners, food and family go hand in hand here in the Memphis area. And part of the joy are those second helpings ... which can quickly become…

Your Balance and Your Hearing

For Jon, the four-mile trek through the Woodland Trail in Shelby Forest was always the perfect way to welcome the weekend. But one hike last fall felt different. As trail runners passed him, he felt disoriented. He hadn't heard them coming,…