Because the onset and subsequent treatment of pediatric hearing loss can be a highly emotional journey for all involved, Professional Audiological Services empowers parents throughout the entire process with a mixture of professional knowledge and compassionate guidance. We offer the best pediatric hearing aids in the industry.

Our emphasis on pediatric hearing loss sets us apart from many audiology providers because we realize the important role hearing plays in language, social, and academic development of young children. Starting at the first signs of hearing loss, we provide children with the best possible care and hearing aids, tailored perfectly to their needs.

Our process begins diagnostics to identify the level of a child’s hearing impairment. Comfortable, spacious, and brightly-colored sound rooms provide a sense of calm and fun during the testing phase. Our experienced doctors of audiology are highly experienced working with children. After testing is complete, a diagnosis is made. The type and severity of the hearing loss is explained to parents, as well as the option of hearing aids.

Special Note from Dr. Coltharp

Dr. Coltharp - Professional Audiological Services

When we recommend a hearing aid, we the most appropriate model for the child, taking into account lifestyle, manual dexterity, and cosmetic appearance. The initial hearing aid fitting is an experience for the entire family; nothing brings us more joy than to see the face of a child hearing again, or for the very first time.

After hearing aids are selected and fitted, we set follow-up appointments to make calibrations to ensure our younger patients are getting all that they can from their child hearing aid. During these appointments, the child’s hearing improvement is assessed and the hearing aids are adjusted to maximize comfort and sound quality. Parents should know diagnostic testing is covered by most insurance and Medicaid covers the cost of hearing aids. Professional Audiological Services also accepts all Medicaid, making hearing health well within reach for most families. Call today to see if you are covered!

“Thanks for taking care of my son. He feels like you, Nannette, Verona, and the others are our extended family. ”


Common signs and symptoms of child hearing loss include:

  • Academic difficulties
  • Diagnosis of developmental disorder
  • Difficulty understanding others
  • Delayed speech development
  • Unresponsive to loud sounds
  • Withdrawal from social interaction

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Hearing Aids We Offer

Phonak, Oticon, Resound, Starkey

Phonak Bolero Q

Capturing voices wherever you go, whatever you do. We are proud to present Phonak Bolero Q, our new state of the art behind-the-ear hearing aids designed to suit your individual lifestyle and hearing needs.

Phonak Virto Q

Invisibility to explore life’s rich soundscapes with confidence. Phonak Virto Q products are individually crafted to your own ear canal to fit perfectly and comfortably in your ears. With the perfect balance between performance and cosmetic appeal these products range from small to invisible.

Audéo S

Audéo S fuses the industry’s brilliant, award-winning designs with a sophisticated technology. In other words, we’ve spiced up the Audéo portfolio. Adding Spice Technology means Audéo S products offer an unparalleled range of applications, in the same astonishingly small, elegant housings you already know and appreciate.

Naída S

The power portfolio of hearing delight. The Naída S portfolio accommodates the full spectrum of hearing loss, from moderate to profound. It offers both the SuperPower (SP) and UltraPower (UP) models in the classic Naída design. To address the diversity of individual needs, Naída S provides comprehensive yet straightforward options and is available in three performance and price levels.


With Safari as a constant companion, your child will get the very best out of every stage of their development as they move full steam ahead from childhood to adulthood.


A beauty on the outside… A sensation on the inside. With its beautiful design, state of the art technology and natural sound quality, Dual combines the best of two worlds.


With true high speed binaural processing and Bluetooth connectivity, Epoq takes hearing instrument performance to a new level.

Sumo DM

Sumo DM is the result of Oticon's long standing commitment to develop superior hearing care solutions to people with severe to profound hearing loss.