Treating Hearing Loss Could Improve Your Memory

I walk into a room and forget why I came in there. I sometimes misplace my keys. I've forgotten a friend's birthday and felt very bad about it. Like most people, I, too, struggle with glitchy memory from time to time. It's these moments that…

Ears Ringing or Buzzing? All About Tinnitus and Hearing Loss

What is this ringing in my ears? Carl had been hearing the sound for weeks. It got even louder when he turned the TV off.  His wife, Sonja, insisted she couldn't hear it. She suggested some home remedies that her mother used to cope with…

Stress and Your Hearing – What You Need to Know During the Pandemic

I know I'm not alone in saying these have been a stressful several weeks. Like you, I've needed to make sacrifices to keep my family, my patients and staff, and myself safe. Social distancing. Limiting trips. Extra precautions at the grocery…

The Future of Hearing Healthcare 2020

It's been over two years now since the OTC hearing aid act became law. The Act gave the FDA three years to establish guidelines for approving OTC hearing aids as safe and effective. At this time, the FDA says it has not approved any OTC…

Study identifies 44 genes linked to age-related hearing loss

These 44 genes may explain why we lose our hearing as we age

Why Your Business Needs A Custom Hearing Protection Plan

The real reason that businesses are turning to custom hearing protection plans.

Ways You Can Make Life Easier for Someone With Hearing Loss

What You Can Do To Improve Quality of Life for Loved Ones with Hearing Loss

OSHA Hearing Protection Rules – Explained

This quick guide really demystifies OSHA hearing protection rules. How do I test noise levels? How can I ensure employees are following hearing protection guidelines? It's all here.

Facts about Noise-Induced Hearing Loss

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Harmful sounds are those that are too loud and last too long or are very loud and sudden.
And older man struggles with sudden hearing loss.

Sudden Sensorineural Hearing Loss Requires Treatment

Sudden sensorineural hearing loss is best treated right away. It should be treated like a medical emergency, sudden sensorineural hearing loss is a serious condition.