Hearing Protection Products

Are the hobbies you love affecting your hearing? Certain activities cause long-term damage and hearing loss down the road due to high decibel levels. Have no fear! Professional Audiological Services offers customizable recreational products specifically designed to protect your ears from preventable hearing loss.

  • Musician Monitors – Allows singers to hear their own voice at safe decibel levels while performing.
  • Musician Hearing Protection – Designed for musicians exposed to high levels of noise pollution.
  • Hunter’s Ear – Provides sufficient hearing protection for hunting and shooting.
  • Earmolds for iPads & iPods – Custom-molded earpieces designed to ensure comfort while enjoying your music.
  • Custom Products for Police – Perfect for officers exposed to high sound frequencies on a regular basis.
  • Swim Molds – A must-have for reducing swimmer’s ear in children.
  • Custom Hearing Protection – Helps conserve your hearing and prevent noise-induced hearing loss.

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We want your smile to stretch from ear to ear! By using custom hearing protection on a regular basis, you’ll never need to choose between your career/hobby that you love and your hearing health.