Hearing damage is an extremely prominent occupational hazard in professions exposing workers to loud and/or continuous sounds. Over thirty million employees work in hazardous noise levels. Some professions include the military, construction, manufacturing, assembly, and law enforcement. Those who work near certain chemicals are also at risk.

Most occupational hearing loss happens gradually over the course of years, making it difficult to notice. But with appropriate measures, workplace hearing loss is completely preventable.

Our industrial hearing conservation program works with employers to ensure the safest possible environments for their staff. Professional Audiological Services is able to uniquely tailor services to the needs of each business, some of which include:


  • Sound surveys to assess possible hearing dangers and provide best practices recommendations.
  • Safety seminars to train employees on the best practices to protect their hearing.
  • Hearing screenings which create a baseline to detect a possible hearing decline.

Insulating the ear from dangerous noise levels is fundamental to hearing conservation. For this reason, workers benefit tremendously from additional hearing protection. Employees trained in the proper use of hearing protection and hearing loss awareness dramatically increase the effectiveness of hearing conservation efforts.

Because hearing protection also muffles workplace sounds used to keep workers safe (emergency signals, announcements, warnings, etc.), alternative methods of conveying messages are suggested; equipping the workplace with signal lights that flash to convey a desired meaning is just one of many options available.

Industrial hearing conservation is an essential workplace practice that reduces occupational hearing loss and increases quality of life for the individual. Employers benefit from improved productivity and reduced long-term costs of treating hearing loss and worker’s compensation. By collaborating with the business, we raise awareness for hearing health, creating a better workplace for both employers and employees.