Founded in Memphis in 1983, Professional Audiological Services started out like any small town business, with only a modest number of employees (one to be exact). Since then, we have grown to three audiologists, one hearing instrument specialist, and a total of seven employees. With our professional family growing, we made the move to a 6000 square foot clinic in January 2012. Professional Audiological Services is proud to provide Memphis with the most advanced private ear and hearing clinic in the state. Our state-of-the-art facility is your best choice for treating hearing loss in both children and adults alike.

The facilities include large, comfortable sound suites designed to promote a sense of calm to help clients feel at-ease during audiology evaluations, such as hearing loss tests and ear sounds tests. While most audiology clinics have only one sound booth (6×4 ft.) we are proud to offer four complete sound suites (10×12 ft.) allowing us to provide customized, one-on-one services with little-to-no wait time. The sound suites are a fantastic addition to our office; each provides a soothing, convenient space for us to perform an accurate hearing test. Our hearing test results are always accurate and our audiologists are highly-proficient in using those results to identify and offer options for a wide variety of hearing problems.

Our Real Ear Machine provides a calibrated measurement of our patients’ range of improvement. The Real Ear Machine performs a hearing test based on “average” natural ear canal resonance, providing measurements with pinpoint accuracy. This type of technology is typically seen in universities, not private practices. However, providing you and your family with the most high-end calibration technology remains our top priority and our Real Ear Machine makes this possible.

After your fitting, we believe you deserve the opportunity to try out your new hearing aid before leaving our office. Our Reality Room offers a simulated home setting complete with comfy couches, TV’s, and other various electronics to complete your hearing aid test. If needed, we will make any necessary adjustments. We want you to leave our offices happy and with an understanding of what to expect with your new hearing aid.

We offer a wide range of solutions designed to meet your hearing loss and preservation needs. Our services include comprehensive hearing evaluations, industrial hearing conservation, in-school programs, custom-molded monitors, hearing protection for musicians, and hearing aid examinations and sales. Additionally, we proudly service all makes of hearing aids and distribute for the world’s three largest hearing aid manufacturers.