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Top Hearing Loss Causes That Are Preventable

Not all hearing loss is preventable, and most types of hearing loss cannot be completely reversed. However, this article talks about hearing loss causes that can absolutely be prevented. In this article, we specifically discuss noise-related hearing loss and the role of primary care in preventing hearing loss.


5 Misunderstandings about Hearing Loss in Children

There are many misunderstandings about hearing loss in children. Perhaps one of the most prominent misunderstandings is only older people have hearing loss. And while it is true that 36 million American adults (approximately 17 percent) report having some degree of hearing loss, there are 3 children for every 1,000 born who experience serious or […]


How to Tell if Your Infant or Toddler is Experiencing Hearing Loss

A parent’s goal is to remain ever vigilant of their child’s health and well-being. After all, nothing hurts quite like seeing your child experience pain or discomfort. General illness or small physical injuries, while alarming, are usually simple enough to mend. However, what if your child is suffering from an ailment you can’t see?