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Audiologists Are Here to Help

When most people think of an audiologist, hearing loss comes to mind. But I’m here to tell you we do a lot more than treat hearing loss. As an audiologist, my number one goal is to improve the quality of life for the patients and the families who walk through our door. How Do Audiologists […]


Construction & Hearing Health: Preventing Hearing Loss at Work

Developer confirms big plans near Memphis International Airport. New apartment development in Midtown. Downtown project restarting after a pause for redesign. I don’t have to drive far in the greater Memphis area to find a construction project. Development projects in our city are moving, which means more jobs and opportunities. It also means lots of […]


Regaining Hearing: 3 Uplifting Patient Stories

As an audiologist, I hear from patients every day about their struggles with hearing loss. I feel the discouragement many of my patients face. Simply put, they want to regain their hearing, so today I want to focus on the fact that people are overcoming hearing loss every day, here in my clinic and around the world. You’ll see […]


Your Balance and Your Hearing

For Jon, the four-mile trek through the Woodland Trail in Shelby Forest was always the perfect way to welcome the weekend. But one hike last fall felt different. As trail runners passed him, he felt disoriented. He hadn’t heard them coming, and he nearly fell on one of the inclines, catching his balance at the […]


Is Your Ear a Window Into Your Heart?

At the age of 60, Michael had always considered himself to have perfect hearing. The family often joked that he could hear a whisper from the other room. So, you can imagine his shock when he developed a sudden hearing loss last month. When he came to see me, we talked a few minutes about […]