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Tips on Choosing the Best Hearing Aids for Seniors

The Importance of Hearing Aids for the Elderly in Improving Their Quality of Life Hearing loss is a prevalent problem among the elderly. It is difficult to detect. This is because it occurs gradually. But hearing loss has far-reaching implications on everyday life. It can reduce your ability to engage with others. It causes significant […]


Hearing Aids and Cell Phones

Would Your Hearing Problem Stop You From Using Cell Phones? Absolutely Not!  Is There a Mobile Phone Made for Hearing Loss? For people with hearing loss, finding the right cell phone can be difficult. If you wear a hearing aid and need to talk on your cell phone, it can often come with interference noise. […]


Hearing Aids Best for Severe Hearing Loss

Learn How You Can Choose the Best Hearing Aid for Severe Hearing Loss  As a child, Gilbert suffered from a sinus infection that affected his hearing. Normally, hearing loss from a sinus infection is temporary. It is treatable. However, Gilbert wasn’t given the proper medical attention as soon as it occurred. In time, he lost […]

Are You Concerned About Your Child’s Hearing?

Are You Concerned About Your Child’s Hearing? If you are, you’re not alone. You are not the only one who is concerned about their child’s hearing. The health and well-being of our kids are a priority, which includes looking out for any signs or symptoms that may lead to potential hearing loss.  Early detection plays […]

Are Custom Molded In-Ear Monitors Worth It?

Are Custom Molded In-Ear Monitors Worth It? Custom molded in ear monitors (or, IEMs) offers professional musicians and workers in high-noise environments clear sound quality and the comfort of a custom fit. In addition to the obvious benefits they provide to professional musicians, they are also beneficial to those with tinnitus or other hearing issues, […]

Tinnitus FAQ

Can Tinnitus Be Treated With Hearing Aids? Yes, it can. Professional audiological services offer effective treatment options to those struggling with tinnitus. Hearing aids are one such option. They work to restore auditory stimulation to the brain. Hearing loss causes your brain to become hyperactive. This leads cells in the dorsal cochlear nucleus to go […]

What Is the New Hearing Aid Law?

You may have heard about a new hearing aid law recently approved to expand access to hearing aids without a prescription. Many of my Memphis patients have asked what this means for them. What is the new hearing aid law? When can I get over-the-counter hearing aids now? Are OTC hearing aids safe and effective?  […]