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7 Comorbidities Linked to Hearing Loss

As humans, we’re always making connections between things that happen in our life. But sometimes, I’ve personally realized I don’t always see a connection between seemingly different things. So it’s great when science can step in, do the studies, and figure out those links. You might be surprised how many “unrelated” health challenges are connected […]


Spring Allergies and Your Hearing

In Memphis, we get to enjoy early springs and long summers compared to our northern neighbors. But with all the flowers in bloom, springtime can be really rough for people with spring allergies. I’ve had people come into my office who moved to our area from other states and say they never knew they had […]

Inside the Annual Military Hearing Test

From jet engines and helicopters to firearms and bomb tests, our men and women in the service find themselves exposed to loud noises regularly at work that most of us don’t encounter. These kinds of thunderous noises are a leading cause of permanent hearing loss. Early detection of hearing loss allows service members to take steps to preserve the hearing […]

Your Hearing and COVID-19: Another Unusual Symptom

Since near the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve heard about loss of smell and taste, as well as other COVID symptoms. We’ve seen the stories where even months after a mild case, these senses haven’t returned. But what about your hearing and COVID-19? It appears some people are experiencing a loss of hearing as […]

Spotting CMV Infections in Babies

Congenital Cytomegalovirus (CMV) infection is among the most common infections in the U.S. passed from mother to child before birth. One in 200 babies will have it. It isn’t curable, but it’s very treatable when caught early. Treatment can significantly reduce its physical and developmental effects on a child, allowing them to live very productive and healthy lives. But for treatments to […]

That Dizzy Feeling Might Be Vertigo

When Joy came into my office, she had a friend at her shoulder, helping her walk through the door. Joy could no longer trust her own sense of balance. She often felt like she was falling even though she could see with her eyes that the ground wasn’t moving toward her. And this was no […]

Audiologists Are Here to Help

When most people think of an audiologist, hearing loss comes to mind. But I’m here to tell you we do a lot more than treat hearing loss. As an audiologist, my number one goal is to improve the quality of life for the patients and the families who walk through our door. How Do Audiologists […]