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Is Your 7-Year Clock Ticking?

If you lived with diabetes for seven years without a diagnosis, can you imagine what that raging blood sugar would do to your health? By year seven, your symptoms would probably be so bad you’d no longer be able to ignore them. You’d probably end up in the hospital long before that. There’s also another […]

What Do We Actually Mean By Hearing Loss?

When we talk about hearing loss, we’re usually referring to the permanent ranges of hearing loss, called age-related hearing loss or noise-induced hearing loss. But the official name is sensorineural hearing loss. Sensorineural hearing loss occurs when something damages the tiny hair-like nerves in the inner ear. The way they dance in the inner ear […]

Wax? Fungus? Actual Hearing Loss?

“Where’d my hearing go?” Did you wake up one morning with ears that felt full, like you were listening through a tunnel? Did you think, “I really did a number on my ears this time — is it hearing loss?”  Or, could it be something else? There are many reasons our hearing may temporarily diminish. […]

Referring Patients for a Cochlear Implant

Laurel was a 42-year-old promoter for a Memphis band. When she first visited me, she told me she was dealing with progressively worsening hearing loss. She’d been wearing hearing aids from my office for the last 10 years, but her hearing loss had advanced with regular exposure to concert music at work. So she did […]


How Loud Is Too Loud?

The world is a noisy place. From the A/C running at full blast this summer to trucks rumbling past on I-40 to people talking, our ears are bombarded with sound. It’s no wonder that 15% of Americans over 18 have experienced some hearing loss. But where does the damage begin? How loud is too loud? Sound in Decibels […]

What You Need to Know About Blood Pressure and Your Hearing

Chances are, the last time you saw your doctor, they checked your blood pressure. And the time before and before. You’ll find a blood pressure machine in many grocery stores and pharmacies. There’s a reason health providers are so focused on your blood pressure numbers. A person’s blood pressure is one of the fastest ways to […]

Types of Hearing Protection and Why They Matter

We’ve heard a lot about PPE (personal protective equipment) during the pandemic. But there’s another kind of PPE that didn’t get the spotlight in 2020. It’s just as important — and that’s hearing protection. For those with noisy jobs or hobbies, proper hearing protection is key to preserving your hearing. Did you know that 12% of people […]

Is There a Hearing Aid for Tinnitus?

Tinnitus is a condition that causes ringing, whooshing, thumping, or another unexplained sound in your ears. We’re not talking about that mild annoyance known as phantom hearing when a room goes quiet. Since you’re reading this, chances are you have tinnitus — and it’s really bothering you. Ringing of the ears is an uncomfortable condition that […]

What to Expect During a Newborn Hearing Screening

You’ve made plans to bring your newborn home for the first time. The crib and changing table are all set up. Your drawer is full of diapers and supplies. Your family is anxiously awaiting the new arrival. But before you take your precious newborn home, she will need a newborn hearing screening. Why Does My Newborn Need a […]


Good Communication Tips for Hearing Loss

So often, I speak with parents who have a child with hearing loss or loved ones helping their aging mother learn to hear at her best with hearing aids. But today, I’d like to have a different conversation with you as a person with hearing loss. How can you communicate more effectively with the hearing people […]